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Family solidarity in Europe

Family Some believe solidarity among older and younger generations within families is disappearing. We've never really believed that pessimistic view, and the 32 million members of MyHeritage indicate generation solidarity as well. Now the Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute (NIDI) reports family solidarity is alive and well.

Findings by the institute, based on a European wide survey if 19,000 elderly people, suggests there still is a strong bond between family members. They reported European older adults feel a strong sense of duty when it comes to

caring for their children and grandchildren. A large majority of the people surveyed felt that grandparents need to be there for their grandchildren if they have problems and do their best for their children, even if that would come at the expense of their own wellbeing!

Similarly, the figures show that younger generations care for the older ones. European elderly were found to gradually give less and receive more help from their family by 70. Younger family members were said to help with things like administrative assistance, household help or personal care and in some cases money.

The survey also shows that bonds between families are stronger in southern European countries, where it is far more common for the elderly to live in with their children and to have frequent contact with each other than it is in northern Europe.

Would you agree or disagree with these findings? How is the situation in your family? Comment below!

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