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MyHeritage on TwitterAt MyHeritage we believe in the power of technology to bring people and families together. We're sure our service can deliver happiness to our users and that is why we reach out to people using every form of communication available. But that's old news.

What's new is that we are using Twitter; well we have been using it for some time! But now that Twitter has become popular, and we're finding it so useful and helpful it made sense to us to invite you to join Twitter, and follow us too.

Twitter is a free online communication tool, the most innovative and the one with the highest rate of growth in comparison to other social media platforms.

You may have heard that Obama (@barackobama) used Twitter in his presidential campaign or that actor Ashton Kutcher (@aplusk) wanted to prove that he could get 1 million followers before CNN (@cnnbrk) could (which he did!) or that now even Oprah (@oprah) is using the service.

Put tooltip hereTwitter is best thought of as a live 'chat' environment, where anyone can come along, and listen to the conversations that are happening online. People can choose to 'follow' your 140 character messages (or Tweets, as they're known by the seasoned users of Twitter) and you can do the same for the people that interest you.

Following people is how your community is formed. Communities of people who follow each other based on a common topic of interest. In this way they can easily share thoughts and ideas in real time and also share useful timely information. Because of it's simplicity, and the way that thoughts, ideas and information can rapidly spread throughout Twitter, it's also been used to break news, like for example the plane that landed in the hudson river, which was first seen publicly through twitter because of a photo that had been taken by a mobile phone.

We've noticed that increasingly more and more genealogists are flocking to twitter, and wanted to both join in and help facilitate the community that's being formed on Twitter and continues to grow. Our experience is that Twitter is a great way to stay in touch, with us and other fellow genealogists or family enthusiasts. MyHeritage Twitter

But that's not all! Being the global website that MyHeritage is we're also Tweeting in different languages, and countries! In addition to the 'original' global English (@MyHeritage) account we're also Tweeting in Spanish (@MyHeritageES) Dutch (@MyHeritageNL) and German (@MyHeritageDE.
We also set up a few accounts based on country/geography, so at the moment we're tweeting from the UK (@MyHeritageUK) (we'll be tweeting from that account in British English ;) and for Australia (@MyHeritageAU).

If you are on Twitter or about to join it, look out for us under these Twitter accounts:

Global English account: @MyHeritage
Spanish: @MyHeritageES
Dutch: @MyHeritageNL
German: @MyHeritageDE
UK: @MyHeritageUK
Australia: @MyHeritageAU

And to start you off, we thought we would pick a few of our favourite genealogists, and tweeters for some of the different languages, and geography that we think you should follow, if you're at all interested in Genealogy or discovering more of the Family oriented community on Twitter:

@MyHeritage (global English account)

@MyHeritageES (Spanish)
@notigen (Noticias de genealogia, blog)
@kuttykids (Familia, hijos y educacion por Susana Galeano, blog)
@logio (Eulogio, blog)
@lonuevoengen (Lo nuevo en genealogia, blog)

@MyHeritageNL (Dutch)
@h_vk (Henk van Kampen, genealogist and author of dutchroots.nl)
@yhoitink (genealogist and author of dutcgenealogy.nl)
@coret (genealogist, blogger and founder of many Dutch genealogy sites)

@MyHeritageDE (German)

@MyHeritageUK (UK)
@PaulDuxbury (Paul Duxbury, Genealogy blogger at http://genmates.com)
@FamilyTreeMan (Richard Brashier, Genealogy researcher)
@ronanlyons (Ronan Lyons, Amateur Genealogist, Economist by profession)
@cathedralcat (Catherine Coulthard, Family history researcher)
@familytreeuk (Andrew Martin, Family History Researcher)
@genealogygirl (Kirsty Wilkinson, Professional Genealogist)

@MyHeritageAU (Australia)

Go on, join us on Twitter! We will follow with interest all you have to say.

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