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Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Faleminderit! Gracies! Kiitos! Dankjewel! Multumesc!

Volunteers What many of you don't know is that we have a whole army of volunteers that help us translate our site into the 34 languages it is available in. Some of them work on the Family Tree Builder, some on translating the webpages and some on both.

Our family of helpers consists of over 80 volunteers who help with translations in 30 languages. Most of them have their own sites and know MyHeritage well. They really help us enormously so we think it is only fair to mention them briefly here to thank them!

Among this year's volunteers are (in no particular order):

Gustavo Jona - Italian
Monique de Salvador - French
Octavio F Lusvarghi - Portuguese
Per Lund - Norwegian
Kari Aaljoki - Finnish
Tomas Pazourek - Czech
Vahur Veenpere - Estonian
Josip Maurovich - Croatian
Marina Oliveira - Portuguese
Olle Sandgren - Swedish
Miha Rus - Slovenian
Joan Morera - Catalan
Vladimir Repik - Czech
Bogdan Mateciuc - Romanian
Raul Miralta - Catalan
Per Eivind Pedersen - Norwegian
Lars Aggergren - Danish
Peter Wortel - Dutch
Marino B - Croatian
Ricard Soler - Catalan
Melinda Katona - Hungarian
Henrik Holm - Swedish
Vladimir Sedo - Slovak
Michal Rezny - Czech
Viliam Ambrozy (RIP) - Slovak
Vlasta Knapic - Slovenian
Eimantas Vadeika - Lithuanian
Nuria Comas - Catalan
Nikos Pentheroudakis - Greek
Marcis Berzinskis - Latvian
David Srumpf - Slovenian
Henri Bogaarts - Dutch
Helina Riisalu - Estonian
Rolf Backstrom - Finnish / Swedish
Rainer Karling - Finnish
Umidjon Khashimov - Uzbek
Vlasta Knapic - Slovenian
Lluis Vilarrasa - Catalan
Mario Grosse - German
Tormod Engebu - Norwegian
Rimvydas Nogis - Lithuanian
Ake Svalfors, Sundbyberg - Swedish
Layla Mohamed Salih Omer - Arabic
Zenon Winski - Polish
Meelis Trepp - Estonian
Alberto L. Beretta - Italian
Tadeja Becaj - Slovenian
Fermi Bataller - Catalan
Steffen Lorenz - German
Olimpio Pereira - Portuguese
Ladislav Musinsky - Slovak
Derick Opperman - Afrikaans
Jan Roskovec - Czech
Matti Raiha - Finnish
Dasaret Kastrati - Albanian

..and many, many more that are not listed here but helped us since the very beginning of MyHeritage!

If you too wish to volunteer and help us translate into your language, or improve the existing translations, we'd love to hear from you!

Please email us at: translate [at] myheritage [dot] com.

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  1. Thanks!

    Heritage its an amazing tools to recreate and remeber all my long family...

    I'm enjoining so much!..

    Gilberto Koo
  2. My pleasure to help on that. I hope you will keep Myheritage on top and never block the free application.


  3. great post. I would love to follow you on twitter.
  4. Родовата памет е много ценна за едно семейство, за една фамилия, за един народ!
    Мога да съдействам на MyHeritage.
  5. Greetings from Bosnia!

    Thanks to you, I started to do useful work - family tree of my family.

    So I will allow my offspring to know their ancestors.

    Mico Mirkovic
  6. "mujhe shuddh aur behtar hindi ke liye apki madad karke baut khushi hogi.

  7. jeg vil da meget gerne prøve at hjælpe med at oversætte,selvom jeg kan se,at i har en oversætter fra danmark
    lizzie kjældgaard
  8. Jeg vil gerne hjælpe med oversættelse så godt jeg kan.Mvh kurt
  9. Sim ficarei muito feliz em poder ajudar!
  10. I will love to help :)

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