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Photo tagging got faster, easier to use and a pleasure to look at

photo tagging automatic names import exportLast September MyHeritage revolutionized the way you organize your digital photos. Instead of manually adding names to all the people on all your photos, like on facebook, the MyHeritage photo tagging automates this process - making it much quicker and more fun. The now released new tagging feature still finds all the faces in your photos, groups those that are the same person and let's you quickly tag them with a name from your family tree or a new name. And after you identified all family members at least once you can turn on automatic tagging, so people in new photos will mostly be tagged automatically, at least if they are from your family.
Besides: You still get automatic albums for all people you have tagged, which only include photos with them. And there is still our beautiful "face cloud" that visually shows you who's most present in your family.

Tagging at the speed of light
First thing you'll notice is the complete redesign of the interface, even though some of the biggest changes happened behind the scenes, where we made your tagging go even faster. Now, the new tagging page is not only incredibly fast, but also very reliable and working quickly even with huge photo collections.

A new sidebar
Our new tagging interface got a nice facelift. One of the additions is
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The Queen’s birthday… or not?

Queen Elizabeth II when she was crownedThe Queen of England, Elizabeth II was born on born 21 April 1926, hence she celebrated her birthday on that day. Interestingly however, Australia and New Zealand celebrate her birthday on a completely different day, towards the beginning of June. This year, they are celebrating it today: on Monday, the 8th of June. As it is often a long weekend, it is an occasion that many Australians take to go see their family or to visit a sports match.

The Monarch's Birthday was first celebrated in Australia in 1788. In that year, King George III was the Monarch of the Commonwealth, which included Australia and New Zealand, and the first governor of New South Wales Arthur Phillip declared a holiday to mark his birthday. Originally, the Monarch's birthday was celebrated on the anniversary of the actual date of birth of the King or Queen. However, after the death of King George V in 1936, the date remained close to his birthday, which was June 3.

In fact we of MyHeritage have started an overview of the British Royal Family, including King Geoarg V, who's father was the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII), the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and going back to Queen Victoria, who was a niece of King George III's children, none if which lived to take over from him. She was the last monarch of the House of Hanover and the only legitimate child of the Duke of Kent.
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Small change, big difference; new header and footer

The devil is in the detail and small changes can make a big difference, these are all things we believe in. That's why this week we have changed our header and footer: its a small change but you'll see it will make a big difference to your family site!

myheritage headerYou may have noticed the change, but if not, it means you will have:

- A renewed nicer, cleaner look for the header and footer on your family pages
- Less text in both so more room for your family tree and the content on your family pages
- A site overview in your header enabling you to select where you want to go on your site in one glance. You can now choose from MyFamily, Celebrities& Fun, Community, Genealogy, Downloads and Gifts
language overview- A new language selection option at the right hand side of your footer with a pop-up to select the language of you site

Enjoy the changes, they are made to make your experience on the site more enjoyable!

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