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Discovering MyHeritage: How to create a Family Tree

In the last post from our Discovering MyHeritage series we talked about how to create and set up Family Sites. And we told you that for every Family Site, you can create one or more Family Trees. This is what this post is about.

When you sign up for MyHeritage, you are given the possibility to create an online Family Tree right away. Alternatively you can start your Family Tree with a GEDCOM file, either directly at sign up or at any time afterwards. Alternatively, if you are using our Family Tree Builder software, you can publish the tree(s) you created there to the Family Site of your choice. Note that tree's that you publish from Family Tree Builder cannot be altered online, but all the changes you do in the software are by default updated on your Family Site as well.
And if want to create several online Family Trees within one of your Family Sites - for example if you want to work separately on different branches of your family - this is what you need to do:

To create a new tree you need to click on the 'Family Tree' tab on the MyHeritage main menu. You will see different options, go to "Manage Trees". There you have the option to create a new tree. Just follow the instructions and voila! You will have a new tree created on your Family Site.

The news about your activities related to this new tree will be posted on the home page of your Family Site, so everyone can follow your progress.

Display family trees MyHeritageIf you want to get to your tree, this is how to do it: go to the "Family Tree" tag and click the "Tree" option. On the right hand side of this page you will see a drop down menu that says "Family tree to display". There you can select the one you want to see and use.

Inside the "Family Tree" tag you will also be able to see and work on the details of your Family Trees. Below is an overview of the options:

Manage family trees MyHeritage

* Tree: Displays the tree, plus a list of the people in it and a search engine to look for a specific person.
* People: Shows all the people in the tree. Lets you sort the display according to people's details.
* Families: Shows you the different families that make up the tree.
* Smart Matches: Displays the Smart Matches our system found with other trees in the MyHeritage database.
* Reports: Lets you see the information of your tree in different styles of reports.
* Print Charts: Creates different types of Family Tree charts ready to print.
* Import GEDCOM: Allows you to import an existing family tree onto the Family Site.
* Manage Trees: Manage and edit your different trees in your Family Site or create a new one.

In case you need further information or assistance, you might want to have a look at our Help section and Forums, where you can find FAQs and topics related to Family Trees.

We hope you enjoy all the functionalitiy that MyHeritage has to offer, there are some great tools to help you discover your family's past and present.

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