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A tribute to Michael Jackson

Since the tragic news of the death of Michael Jackson many people have taken an interest in his family. So did we.

Click to view photo in full sizeTo give you a small overview of the King of Pop's family, many of whom are famous in their own right, all of which have different and varied histories, happy and sad, we've made a small tree of the family.

In the tree you can find the whole Jackson family- which consisted of ten children - and all the partners that Jacko had throughout his exciting life. The tree is a great illustration of how complicated families can get, when members have different spouses and children with different partners; Micheal Jackson had three different women in his life, among whom famous singer Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

But all of these relationships can be

mapped easily, just have a look at the tree! Smartmatches

It is also a great illustration of how our Smart Matches can help you continue building your family tree. Smart Matches show when information on members in your tree matches that of another user. Most members in the Jackson tree have several matches with other users' trees, meaning that many other people have captured data about Michael Jackson in a tree. You can import your tree from any of them, and for Michael Jackson there are as many as 30 trees to choose from!

Have a look yourself here, the site is public. If you'd like to start adding people to the tree, request membership and we'll continue to build the tree together!

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  1. I found this very interesting - thanks for doing a tribute to Michael Jackson!
  2. This family tree is incomplete
  3. I understand this is a tribute nut i find it incredibly disrespectful you refer to Micjale as 'Jacko.' He hated that name which was given negativley by the tabloids.
  4. You need Prince Michael Jackson 2 kown as Blanket
  5. I am jake whittaker a loved mj he was pop star in the world I wish he came back to earth

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