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A tribute to Michael Jackson

Since the tragic news of the death of Michael Jackson many people have taken an interest in his family. So did we.

Click to view photo in full sizeTo give you a small overview of the King of Pop's family, many of whom are famous in their own right, all of which have different and varied histories, happy and sad, we've made a small tree of the family.

In the tree you can find the whole Jackson family- which consisted of ten children - and all the partners that Jacko had throughout his exciting life. The tree is a great illustration of how complicated families can get, when members have different spouses and children with different partners; Micheal Jackson had three different women in his life, among whom famous singer Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley.

But all of these relationships can be
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Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Faleminderit! Gracies! Kiitos! Dankjewel! Multumesc!

Volunteers What many of you don't know is that we have a whole army of volunteers that help us translate our site into the 34 languages it is available in. Some of them work on the Family Tree Builder, some on translating the webpages and some on both.

Our family of helpers consists of over 80 volunteers who help with translations in 30 languages. Most of them have their own sites and know MyHeritage well. They really help us enormously so we think it is only fair to mention them briefly here to thank them!

Among this year's volunteers are (in no particular order):
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Family Tree Magazine picks MyHeritage for sharing and storing

Family Tree Magazine Family Tree Magazine is America's #1 family history magazine. With stories on genealogy websites, ethnic heritage, family reunions, historical travel and family histories and memories it a great 'how to' publication with tips on discovering, preserving and celebrating family roots.

The magazine recently published the 10 websites that they deem best for " sharing and storing" and MyHeritage had a place in it!

This is what was said:

MyHeritage hosts more than 6.4 million family sites. Besides free sites, it offers Family Tree Builder software, a fun celebrity look-alike photo search, and a recently upgraded genealogy metasearch tool that looks for results in up to 1,350 sites and databases.
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Celebrating Father’s Day

Fathers day photoSince I was born in Russia, I did not celebrate fatherhood or father's day for many years until recently. There is no such a holiday in Russia, even though people celebrate the day of all men in February. But a couple of years ago after I moved to the States and became a mother I got a reason to learn more about this day as well as my husband. I was curious to find out more about the history of father's day and decided to share with you what I found out. I also found out some nice ways to surprise your dad through the MyHeritage site so find out more about that below.

The idea of a 'father's day' came about in Washington in 1909. It was Mrs Dodd who was seeking to honor her father, William Smart in a special way. William Smart, a Civil War veteran, was widowed when his wife
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User story: Personal trauma and a medieval family reunion

This user story reached us from Italy and it is a very touching one:

Miss Daniela Ciani and her husband, Mr. Alessandro Tessi, lost their daughter during the autumn of 2008. It has been a tough experience for them. While Daniela has always had a lot of relatives in her life, Alessandro has a small family, or at least he only knew a small part of his family.

A small part of the familyAs a consequence of their loss they both decided to start their own family tree, becoming MyHeritage users in November 2008. Soon after that, MyHeritage found smart matches between their tree and another Tessi's family tree in Australia. To his surprise Alessandro found a cousin of his in a photo, and immediately wrote to him. They had lost contact after the Second World War.

It was the beginning of the construction of a great family tree, which now has about 150 members from Australia, Hungary, Germany, Canada, and of course Italy.

Through MyHeritage Daniela and Alessandro also found out that
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Discovering MyHeritage: How to create a Family Tree

In the last post from our Discovering MyHeritage series we talked about how to create and set up Family Sites. And we told you that for every Family Site, you can create one or more Family Trees. This is what this post is about.

When you sign up for MyHeritage, you are given the possibility to create an online Family Tree right away. Alternatively you can start your Family Tree with a GEDCOM file, either directly at sign up or at any time afterwards. Alternatively, if you are using our Family Tree Builder software, you can publish the tree(s) you created there to the Family Site of your choice. Note that tree's that you publish from Family Tree Builder cannot be altered online, but all the changes you do in the software are by default updated on your Family Site as well.
And if want to create several online Family Trees within one of your Family Sites - for example if you want to work separately on different branches of your family - this is what you need to do:

To create a new tree you need to click on the 'Family Tree' tab on the MyHeritage main menu. You will see different options, go to "Manage Trees". There you have the option to create a new tree. Just follow the instructions and voila! You will have a new tree created on your Family Site.

The news about your activities related to this new tree will be posted on the home page of your Family Site, so everyone can follow your progress.

Display family trees MyHeritageIf you want to get to your tree, this is how to do it: go to the "Family Tree" tag and click the "Tree" option. On the right hand side of this page you will see a drop down menu that says "Family tree to display". There you can select the one you want to see and use.
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MyHeritage Genealogy and Translation Manager touring the US

Daniel Horowitz A recent post by my friend Pat Richley (aka DearMyrtle) made me realize that I haven't posted anything about my last trip to the USA, where I gave a series of talks and met many interesting genealogy people.

It was a great opportunity to be able to be there and exchange experiences and knowledge, so I decided to share it with you.

In mid-March, I stopped in Salt Lake City, Utah on my way to nearby Provo, where I would give a few talks at the Computerized Family History and Genealogy Conference, held at Brigham Young University.

In SLC, I met with Kahlile Mehr, who also serves with me on the board of the International Association of Jewish Genealogical Societies (IAJGS). He gave me a personal tour of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints complex, home of Family Search.

Even for an expert genealogist and considering all the information on the Internet today, visiting the LDS Family History Library - the largest genealogical library in the world - for the first time was quite impressive.
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User Story: Resolving a 100-Year Vendetta and Celebrating the Cretan Way

Nikos Pentheroudakis has used MyHeritage to build 3 family trees about his family and village in Crete. Join him as he discovers the origins of his family and tries to resolve a blood feud that has lasted 114 years!

Traditional Cretan DressUp until 1717, the surname Pentheroudakis didn't exist anywhere in the world, not even in Greece. The name first appeared in Crete, and all the people with that name and their families ultimately come from Crete. I set off to find all the Pentheroudakis' in the world, and my findings have been very remarkable!

Before 1717, my family ancestors had a different last name, as Crete was under Turkish occupation and Cretan names were not recognized by the government. Back then, the family name was either Sifis or Sifakas, which first appeared around 1460. These families came from the village Imbros, in a very hostile area of the province Sfakia. Around 1600, due to Turkish oppression, they moved their families about 10 miles east to Rodakino, a village in Rethymno province. Crete

In 1717, Sifis, a boy from one of those families, changed his surname in order to avoid having a Turkish name. He chose Pentheroudakis, which comes from the Greek word "pentheros," which means "father-in-law."
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New photo features: Start uploading photos on the go

Mobile photo upload myheritage emailToday we launch our new photo features. This means storing, sharing and presenting your digital photos online has just become easier and even more fun. You can now upload photos from any mobile device, tag them quicker than ever before and have a whole range of beautiful slideshows to impress your relatives and make the most out of your family photo collection!

Let's have a closer look at our new mobile upload via email:
The idea is simple
Everybody in your family gets his own email address, and whatever photo, video or document they send there, will be published to your family site. The best thing about it: You can do that with any mobile device that is capable of emailing photos. So publishing your photos taken with any iPhone, blackberry or other email enabled phone is easier than ever before.

We made it safe for your family
To prevent strangers from publishing content to your website, you get an email address that consists of
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Enjoy your family photos to the fullest

Click to view photo in full sizeYour whole family uploaded photos, tagged the people in them and created albums for the last family events? Now lean back and enjoy the beautifully animated presentations of your family photos on full screen!

Zoom in on the right face
You can now see a "slideshow" link in the sidebar of your family home page as well as the top navigation in the section "photos & videos". Once you clicked it you will be seeing the recent photos from your family site presented in our version of the "Ken Burns" effect. It is a presentation that pans over your still images and zooms into them while fading from one image to another, which gives you the impression of a movie. Don't know what that means? This presentation with photos of Barack Obama will make it more clear (pics from here).

You can see our Ken Burns presentation at its best, if you go to select album at the top and pick the photos of a person. Ken Burns will then only show photos of this person and always zoom in to where that person is on the photo. Just imagine all those yearbook photos and the like... now you will always be taken to who you are looking for.

Pick the album or person
In the select album window you will see
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