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Get the look-alike meter on your family site

Click to view photo in full sizeOur look-alike meter answers the old question if a child looks like mom or dad (or like his grandpa or grandma, or one uncle or another). Many of you have emailed us cause you wanted to post your look-alike meter on your family site.

Guess what: We have just introduced that to happen automatically. So whenever you create a new look-alike meter, a small preview will be added to your family sites. Just like you can see on our Obama family site, if Malia looks like Barack or rather like Michelle Obama. If you don't want the meter to appear on the newsfeed you can always delete it with the small "x" on the right, like you can delete all "stories" from your family news feed.
And we will also put the look-alike meter in your photo albums, so you can find it there as well.

So create your look-alike meter now and share it with your family automatically!

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  1. I found My Hritage family tree a great help to organize my family geneology.

  2. I love this feature...it's great to see which of your parents you actually look like... when can it be expanded to other generations...would love to see which of my ancestors I look like

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