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Get the look-alike meter on your family site

Click to view photo in full sizeOur look-alike meter answers the old question if a child looks like mom or dad (or like his grandpa or grandma, or one uncle or another). Many of you have emailed us cause you wanted to post your look-alike meter on your family site.

Guess what: We have just introduced that to happen automatically. So whenever you create a new look-alike meter, a small preview will be added to your family sites. Just like you can see on our Obama family site, if Malia looks like Barack or rather like Michelle Obama. If you don't want the meter to appear on the newsfeed you can always delete it with the small "x" on the right, like you can delete all "stories" from your family news feed.
And we will also put the look-alike meter in your photo albums, so you can find it there as well.

So create your look-alike meter now and share it with your family automatically!

5    May 20090 comments

MyHeritage features in UK’s BBC click!

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/programmes/click_online/8015401.stmWe're always happy if people write about us, but we were especially pleased with this piece of coverage. >Click is what the BBC calls their "flagship technology programme", a weekly UK television show covering all the latest and best websites on the web.

Its presenter Kate Russell devoted part of the programme to MyHeritage last week, telling people about the different ways in which you can use the site, praising its user-friendly interface and branding it a 'social networking community with a purpose.' Well, thank you very much for the laurels.

If you did not see the coverage but are interested in it, you can find it here.

A big thank you to Kate and the team at Click!

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User Story: The MacNaughton Clan

This story was sent to us by Douglas Henry, the genealogist of his family. Using MyHeritage Douglas has brought together many family members and has even got a great deal of them to start their own family tree on the site. This is what he had to tell us:

The MacNaughton clanI became excited about our family history as a young child. I had a great uncle, (my dads uncle), who used to tell many stories about our Scottish heritage, his father being conceived in Scotland and born in Canada. As I grew older, I became even more curious about our family ancestors, and the name of our Clan and wondered if our last name had changed over time. Around 2003, I was told about a couple of websites on which I could search our family in Scotland on which I found several family names. I researched many areas on the internet but realised that everyone wanted money and a long term commitment up front. Then I hit a goldmine, I found MyHeritage.com... and best of all it was free to a great degree! That was all I needed.

It's been almost a year since I started my family tree on MyHeritage.com, and I can say with confidence that I am not only our family historian,
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Data center upgrade

The new MyHeritage serversDuring the past week we performed a significant upgrade of our data center in the US, to improve performance and scalability of the MyHeritage site for many years to come. We made a significant investment in this upgrade. During the process we physically moved and rearranged our servers, and added much new equipment. This required the site to be down in maintenance mode for about one day and was completed on schedule.

During the upgrade we had a few glitches. For a small number of our family sites, the migration to the new data center took longer and we apologize for the prolonged maintenance. Family Tree Builder access did not work for one day, which we fixed quickly to make the software accessible to all users all the time. Everything is working fine now and the new data center is rocking!

Our new data center will improve reliability and provide a better and faster service for all users.
On the pictures you can see Ran, our Vice President of Operations, next to some of the new server racks in our data center. It now contains 140 servers on fourteen racks and is among the world's largest genealogy data centers, with a lot of room for future growth.

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