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A tool to help writers organize their characters and plot their story

thanks to juiced-on-writingMichelle of 'Juiced on Writing' introduced us to a whole new and exciting way of using the Family Tree Builder software (or FTB as we like to call it): as a means to map and understand the relationships between fictional characters when writing a book.

A writer herself, Michelle knows that when writing a novel writers often like to get an overview of their characters and their development over time. And, where the ages and dates are important, or where there is a complexity in the character relationships, a process-orientated program such as Family Tree Builder allows you to do just that.

She points out that not all software programs can be used for fiction, as some send error messages, if you try to put in a future date, or a setting which a linked database doesn'd recognise as an actual place on earth. However,

Family Tree Builder does allow this, and has the major advantage that it allows you to create multiple levels of sometimes complex graphs of characters and their relationships.

It is great to hear that MyHeritage is enabling writers to create stories this way, so thanks Michelle for letting us know!
thanks to juicedwriting

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  1. this is amazing... i was looking online to just see an example of a plot tree someone made up that i could follow from, but when i stumbled across this, it made me think "how is it possible that the program my mom uses regularly to track our family history be used for a fictional family too?" and then i read further and realized "my gosh, this is just what i needed!" see, i am an aspiring writer and right now i just cant seem to get myself organized with my characters, the plots, where the characters go, and come from, and everything else in between. i thought this is an amazing idea and this just might be what i needed to keep track of my characters, plot, time line, and everything all in one program. i currently have just been using a combination of word documents and text files mixed with handwritten notes and its very much a mess. this is just what i needed to keep it all together in one place. thank you so much for coming up with this idea. you have no idea how grateful i am :)

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