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Discovering MyHeritage: How to create a Family Site

A while ago in this series we gave you an overview of Family Sites and Family Trees on MyHeritage, what they represent and how they work. They are the common ground on which members of the family can connect, share and collaborate.

Now we want to focus on how to set up Family Sites, which is really easy.

Family Sites help you manage and organize the different groups you belong to. For example, you can create one related to your immediate family and a few others related to your extended family, to your in-law's family and to a certain community you are part of. Learn more about the advantages of creating a Family Site here.

If you are new to MyHeritage and sign up for an account, you will automatically be creating a Family Site.

MyHeritage Family SiteTo create another Family Site if you are already a member you have to go to the "My Sites" drop down menu on the right hand corner of any MyHeritage page you visit. Click on "Manage my family sites".

On this page you will see a list of your existing Family Sites. At the bottom you will find the "Create another site" button.
MyHeritage Create Family SiteA pop-up window will appear where you need to follow these steps:

1. Select the plan (Basic, Premium or PremiumPlus) you want for your site.
2. Define a title, subtitle, primary use of the site (immediate or extended family site, genealogy or community site, etc), write a description and set an email address for the site.
3. That's all!

Your new site will be included in the "My sites" drop down menu, where you will be able to access all your existing Family Sites.

Once the Family Site is created, you will be able to define every detail of your Family Site by going to the "Settings" tag of the MyHeritage main menu, comprised by the following options:

MyHeritage Family Site Settings

* Site account: Change your Family Site Plan.
* My Preferences: Customize communication of the site's events.
* General: Administrate basic settings of the site.
* Content: Select which activities you would like members to be able to perform.
* Privacy: Define the site as Private, Mixed or Public.
* Home page: Select how you want information to be shown.
* Calendar: Define calendar type and national holidays.
* Genealogy: Work on display and information details.
* Tagging: Activate automatic photo tagging.

In case you need further information or assistance, you might want to have a look at our Help section and Forums, where you can find FAQs and topics related to Family Sites.

Having created your Family Site, you can choose to create one or several Family Trees. We will focus on how to do that in our next entry of these series. Stay tuned!

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