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Have a great Easter!

The time of Easter eggs, bunnies, spring, and being together with the family has arrived.
MyHeritage wishes you a great Easter weekend, however, wherever and with however you celebrate it!

We already wrote about the Easter tradition of religious and cultural celebrations, so we thought it would be nice to have you share a little about how you celebrate Easter. The result is four mom bloggers from Russia, the US and Europe sharing the way they celebrate Easter with us. Find their stories below:

Feel free to share any Easter traditions you have with us in the comments section!

Put tooltip hereNatalia Konshina (Russia):

"Easter is a happy time to spend with your family and loved ones. It's the major Christian holiday so we celebrate it every year. We celebrate the day by dyeing, colouring or decorating hard-boiled eggs- the traditional symbol of resurrection and then giving and receiving them as Easter presents."

Natalia's Easter wish:

May you enjoy this Easter season and a year filled with Love, Happiness and Health.

Elly van Keulen (the Netherlands):

"We celebrate Ostara, the celebration of spring and the return of light and fertility. We celebrate it with eggs, good food and by sharing stories. Most Easters we go to visit grandma, because near her there is a fairground, and she likes to take the kids there. We hold and Easter breakfast and tell stories. If the weather is good we go to the forest or make a fire in the garden. I think we paint eggs because they are the symbol of fertility and the painting of them is a symbol for the colours that we find in nature."

Inge de Vos (From the Netherlands, but currently living in the US):

Put tooltip here“My husband and I are both raised in the Christian tradition so we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. When we are in the Netherlands we celebrate Easter with our family. But now that we are in the US, it is a little different as the Americans don't have a second Day of Easter as we know it in de Netherlands and so no long weekend. On Good Friday we go to Church with friends and on Sunday we have lunch and then go to Church like we always do on Sunday. We celebrate at home with our children and I often cook them a large meal.

A nice story to tell about Easter is that my grandmother had her birthday at the beginning of April so we would celebrate that around Easter usually. When I was young we would go to her and we would be allowed to find Easter eggs and then we would go bowling. It was a real competition, with the winner being awarded a real prize with his or her name on it. The ones that lost would get a chocolate bunny. That was a great way to celebrate Easter!"

Inge’s wish: "Have a great Spring!"

Rose(The United States):

"Easter is not an important holiday for us, religiously. But we do enjoy the coming of spring, and it always makes me happy to see the Easter baskets in the store - it means spring is just around the corner. At Easter the kids like to dye eggs, and I give them a basket for Easter-time that usually contains gardening supplies and packets of seeds. We seem to grow more weeds than flowers, but the kids have a blast doing it."

Rose's wish: "Where ever you are, whatever your religious beliefs, however you celebrate- I hope you have a beautiful day."

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