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Discovering MyHeritage: Sharing Photo Albums

Click to view photo in full sizeDid you know you can share the photo's you have on MyHeritage anywhere online?

This is a smart little feature we launched last month which allows you to share your photo albums. It is a nice way to share you material with people who are not a member of your family site.

This is how it works: find your photo albums under the photo's and video's tab. Got to the 'more actions' drop down menu and select 'share album'.

Upon selecting it, this creates a direct url to the album that you are looking at, ready to share.

Here are a few ideas of how to use it:

- Copy and paste the link in emails to friends and others
- Use it in Instant Messages
- Post the link to your blog

Click to view photo in full size
Don't forgot to set the album to public, otherwise your contacts wont be able to see it. Its a question of ensuring that not everyone can see the material you display online.

Go to Photos and Videos and click on the find page. Then click on an album to enter it. Select 'Edit Details'. Then find at the bottom of the screen the third section 'scope' where the privacy settings for specific albums are located. Making an album shared and public will allow anyone to see the photos.

Get sharing, after all, that is the joy of MyHeritage!

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