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A fairy tale hits the family records

MyHeritage Genealogy Family Tree Maxima ZorreguietaAn unauthorized biography in Spanish of Maxima Zorreguieta, the princess of the Netherlands, was released recently, to reveal a story that has all the ingredients of a fairy tale. These are some highlights of the love story that turned her into a royalty member.

Maxima was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the heart of a well connected family. She had an English-style education, studied economics at university and ended up working in New York for a financial corporation. So far, it could have been the life of any well educated, professional and independent woman. But then her life took a turn when an old school friend of hers introduced her to Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands.

A spontaneous and bubbly woman, Maxima wasn't intimidated by the prince. It was hardly a case of instant romance, but she couldn't deny her curiosity for this man and decided to give him a chance. Willem-Alexander then turned on his charm to the desired effect; Maxima fell in love with him.

Maxima's biography describes that she had her doubts about the whole situation; having a formal relationship with the Prince that could end up in marriage would mean a radical change in her life and becoming and living as a princess wouldn't be easy. But she gave it a chance, so bonds grew stronger and after a while, she ended up posing for photos alongside the Queen, sealing the relationship with the royal stamp of approval.

After the couple's engagement in 2001 Maxima then started the process of learning the Dutch language and the details of what was going to be her new culture, with the aim of becoming the Princess of the Netherlands. A look into the royal family's history would certainly have been part of her preparations for marriage to the Prince, which would have taught her about the Oranje Nassau heritage of the family.

The story wrapped up with Willem-Alexander and Máxima getting married in 2002. They now have three daughters: Princess Catharina-Amalia, Princess Alexia-Juliana and Princess Ariane.

This might have been a turning point for the Royal Dutch family, since they allowed a foreign plebeian to be part of their selected club of royalty, adding some Latin flavor to their family culture.

What about the turning points in your family? Are you looking for them by searching in your family past? Or are you open to embrace them in the future?

Either way, you know you can use the research tools of MyHeritage to spot the turning points that made your family what it is today, or foster communication among your family members to keep writing the family story together.

Have a family fairy tale to share? We always like it hear from our users, so get in touch!

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  1. Really enjoyed the user friendly family tree. Keep up the good work.

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