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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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Today is international women's day, a day that honours the economic, political and social achievements of women, and a day that is also, and this is less well known, the counterpart of the global men's day on the 18th of November.

Although the day was initially one of political significance, highlighting women's struggles worldwide in a hopeful way, the holiday has blended in the culture of many countries. In countries such as Algeria, Brazil, Cameroon, China, Italy, Israel, Laos or Mongolia, it is even an official day off. There, the day is observed by men giving the women in their lives - mothers, wives, girlfriends, daughters, colleagues, flowers and small gifts. In some countries, such as Romania or Russia, it is also observed as an equivalent of Mother's Day, where children also give small presents to their mothers and grandmothers.
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“Who You Think You Are” in London

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This year London saw the "Who do you think you are?" LIVE Exhibition taking place from February 27 to March 1. The show takes its name from the popular UK BBC series by the same name, a documentary that shows famous TV stars' journey into their pasts.

Being a national history show about all things genealogy in the UK, for advanced researchers to absolute beginners, the London team of MyHeritage were convinced they couldn't give this show a miss.

So Family Tree Builder CD's in hand we set out to meet some of you guys offline.
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We are now a family of 30 million!

MyHeritage Now Has 30 million UsersToday is another big day in the life of MyHeritage. Today the 30 millionth user joined our family network!

We want to thank Alan from the UK for signing up to the site! But also congratulations to those of you who, just like Alan, love their families, stay in a touch with them and share photos and videos, plan events or research their family history on our site.

30 million is really something. Imagine the number of inhabitants of both Australia and Austria and we are still talking about less people than the number of our users. And our 30 million users, collectively, have built family trees with 320 million profiles!

However, we are not interested in collecting users, but rather
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New Family Site Members Page Brings Some Nice New Features

Barack Obama Family site members myheritageThe dedicated team here at MyHeritage has decided to get a head start on spring cleaning this year. We have put our heads together to spruce up your family pages with new additions that make your family site easier to organize.

What you'll notice first is that your Site Members page has a new, sleek, blue and white look. The new page gives you a more clear overview of your family site members, along with several new and improved features. You can view:

1. Your members list, your site managers, and who has requested membership
2. Your relationship to each of your site members
3. Everyone's country and address
4. Who has visited, and who has never visited (but I'm sure they have a good excuse!)
5. Additional actions, like viewing member profiles

And this is what you can do:
6. Link a new member to your family tree - it's very useful
7. Send emails to all your family members at once
8. Invite more members to your family site

With the new relationship column (2) you can keep track of the whole family and, maybe most important, you can see which site members are not identified in your family tree and directly link them with their profile in the family tree. Site members might not be linked, if for example you published your tree through Family Tree Builder and we couldnt identify them automatically.
Just type their name in the relationship column, if you see a "find in family" box there and hit apply.

Why you might want to do this?
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