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Family Day and the MyHeritage team as kids

Family Day is the modern version of Mother's Day in several countries across the world like Canada, South Africa and Israel. Here, children are asked to bring drawings and pictures of their family to school; Noa had asked us to bring baby photos of ourselves. We made it into a "Guess who's this" competition in the weeks running up to Family Day and you can see all of them below.

By the way: It was Ayelet who won, with an impressive 17 correct guesses out of 21. You can find her as a kid on the far left, in the red jumper and with the bread (and face) full of chocolate spread.

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So this is the Israel-based part of the MyHeritage team, when we were kids. You can find some of us in our "about" section with other vintage photos.

In Israel, Family Day is generally celebrated on the 30th day of

the Jewish month of Shvat. This year, that was around the last week of February. The date was chosen in memory of Henrietta Szold who founded the Zionist Women's organization 'Hadassah'. Following several social and cultural changes in Israel (mainly the desire to keep equality between the sexes), Mother's Day was changed to Family Day.

Family Day honors love and mutual support between family members and makes us think about the relationship between our close and extended family. So it is another perfect occasion for checking out the "send greeting" feature on your MyHeritage family site and make some of your more distant relatives smile.

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