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Why Italians love our site

Italians on MyHeritage.it Hello everybody, this is Donato speaking from Italy. I'm the community manager here for one of the most beautiful countries of the world... well, I know, I'm biased, but that's what I think.

The history of our country depicts us as travellers, and it's well known how many Italian people have been moving around the world for generations. Soon after the Second World War a great number of Italians moved to other countries such as the USA and Australia, building communities there, but very often keeping the love for their native country.

Although Italians are sometimes ridiculed for the attachment to their close family, with men being referred to as 'mummy's boys', I would call them

'family people'. That's why I strongly believe Italians will love -and many do already- to have the opportunity to find out more about their roots and get in touch with distant relatives on myheritage.

That is actually what is happening to me now that I am on the site: getting in touch with and feeling closer to my parents who live far from me, because you know- you love them, but with the distance and today's busy life, it is not always easy to find the time.

Not only people who live in Italy, but also the Italians whose ancestors moved from Italy and now want to retrace their paths to find out where they come from are invited to try out the site!

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  1. Bienvenuto Donato! You are so right about Italians no matter where they live. I went to Italy twice. The first time just with my "American" husband and was told that I was not Italian, I was American. I was so hurt. In America we are all segregated by our looks. I was raised Italian first in appearance, food and culture. So the second time I went to Italy I was prepared. I took two years of Italian to say: "Se devo portare questi capelli, questo naso and questi asino, poi sono l'italiana!" They all laughed and said I am certainly a true Italian woman.

    I love Italy. It is truly a magical country. You are not biased. I would love to move there, but alas, grandchildren keep me rooted here. I did travel to the village of my great-grandparents, Acri, Calabria. I was led to a clerk's office where a large metal bookcase held 400 years of birth, death and marriage ledgers. There I was given my great-grandparents birth certificates.

    What a treasure. I wish I could go back, stay at my newly found cousins hotel and enter that precious data into a database before it is lost. What a treasure trove of information that could be lost forever. Such lovely people I met in a land forgotten.

    I love Italy, it's history, the people that survived beyond all reason. To those of us that understand your beauty, we salute you...
    Hope you find your cugini all over the world as we are seeking those that are in the motherland...
    Barbara Bisignano Nangano Monroe
  2. I found my cousins web site at Myheritage a few monthes ago pictures an all!I was thrilled but unfortunately cannot find it again, I would dearly love to contact him.
    Peter McKenzie from Scotland
    he had pictures of my grandparents Thomas and Jessie Barclay and my aunt and uncle and cousins. CAN YOU HELP?
  3. My father and mother and I came over from the Italian part of Switzerland in 1953 landing in New York. My father Guisseppe Roberto Giglio was born in Sambiese Calabria in 1921. His mothers maiden name was Caparella. Present cousins living in Nicastro named DiBenedetto. My grandfather left to come to USA about 1920 but never was seen again. His name was Francesco Ggiglio. I wonder what happened to him. He never came back to his wife and child, leaving my father without a proper dad. My father went on to become a Carabiniere and was a partigiano in the second world war. Please excuse some of my spelling. But if you can help me or know of anything I can do to find out what happened to my grandfather it would be buono. I am presently residing in Washington state. Grazie Roberta Franca Vilma Giglio.
  4. My family, sur name Pugia, (not to be confused with the Puglia's from that region) came from Niscastro, region of Calabria Provinco of Crosenza, now known as Amezie Terme) my grandfahers name was Joseph Pugia and he like a lot of man
    from that small city and region went to Pittsburgh, PA from there he now married to my grandmother Rose Scalie also from Calabria, I believe Niscastro which by the way means New Castle in Italian settled in Herkimer, New York and there they raised 5 childern, Fredrick, (Bill), Ralph (my father) Edward, Annane and Agine.......... I am looking for any Pugia's in Niscastor as I am going there in October... please advise me if you klnow ......... I am interested in Pugia's in that area as I know must in America I understand I have Pugia's in or who lived in Collinsville, PA my grandfathers brother and he had a sister I met from there when small child.

    Thanks for any help you can forward.... jpugia@verizon.net
  5. I am searching for my ancestors.my mother was born and raised in Naples ,Italy.I have been to the old country twice in my life time.I loved it.I met my nonna and nonno,my uncle was Franco Tammaro, he has 5 daughters I do believe whom I have never met,my uncle frank is now passed on,he was married to an Anna Tammaro .my nonna was married twice so my mothers maiden name was Troncone,would love to know my heritage,,thank u ..
  6. I was looking for a place to do searching on my ancestors in Arena, Italy I think it is. One of my great Unles immigrated all the way to Argentina.

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