User Story: MyHeritage helps Wanda build a 20,000 people family tree!

User Story: MyHeritage helps Wanda build a 20,000 people family tree!


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Wanda E. has been conducting genealogical research online for so long that she can no longer recall when she first signed up to MyHeritage.

Wanda’s interest in genealogy runs in her family, with her parents already trying their hand at researching the family’s history, before they decided to pass on the information to her. Wanda says: ‘My parents were giving up their home and downsizing so they gave me the bit of information they had put together. It looked interesting so I just started from there and have gone on.’

Now Wanda has got an amazing family tree. An enormous amount of research has gone into that. She says:

‘There are about 20,000 in the tree, and I probably got only 200 from my parents.’ She spent about five years to get to that point and now she is continuing to document her family’s history by committing pictures to the computer and sorting other family papers and data.

Wanda has been very creative in her research, making full use of the possibilities for online genealogical research. As she puts it: ‘One reason I have used so many different websites is because of my ‘dead ends’. I can search all the trees on one website until I am blue in the face. If I feel that there is nothing else to be gained at that one, I will sign up on a new one.’

But she has continued using the MyHeritage features throughout the years. She explains: ‘I think the first list of Smart Matches I got under the old GenCircles was something like 12,000 names. I am a descendant of the Lincolns. If one were to follow all the branches of the tree that starts back in the late 1400s with Robert Lincoln, down one branch is President Abraham Lincoln, down another branch is Wanda Euwer, and down others are literally thousands of other people. There is another branch of my tree that goes back to British royalty. It is descended from Mary, Queen of Scotts.’

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Ultimately, Wanda likes to share the information she has discovered with others, which is good news for MyHeritage users: she says: ‘I love Smart Matches. I am at brick walls with several of my historical lines and it is easy to check Smart Matches to see if anyone has added a tree with a match for one of them. Then I can go there and see what other information I can gather. And I love sharing information.’

Many thanks to Wanda for sharing her story with us!

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  • gerrry watts

    February 22, 2009

    with 24,020 people, and 64 generations, in my tree I understand what work it is to obtain and correct mistakes in the tree. I am sure that there are still mistakes in the tree.