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MyHeritage: Serving Indian Families all over the world

cc nereanz Ravi is from Hyderabad, India, and he is currently pursuing his Masters in Engineering in Atlanta, USA. Ravi's sister is working in Denmark. What it means is his entire family is spread across the globe and his parents are keen to connect with him and his sister.

So far, Ravi has been using the traditional phone and email to ensure that he can stay connected with his family. But the problem with this form of communication is that it is too static for his parents, and they don't get many updates about their kids on a regular basis. So what to do?

Ravi had always been looking for a place where he could connect with his family and learn more about them. Whether it was sharing photos, exchanging messages, or sending gifts, the idea was to have a common platform.

For him, his family-related information was personal and was something that he didn't want to share with his friends. That is when he discovered MyHeritage.com, which became an obvious contextual choice.

For millions of Indian families like Ravi, MyHeritage serves as the much needed connection interface:

  • Indians are based all over the world and are present in large numbers, including students/IT-workers/business-men.
  • MyHeritage is available in both Hindi and English, two languages that are widely-spoken by Indians.
  • The fact that MyHeritage is available in Hindi makes it really easy for parents/grand-parents to connect with their loved ones abroad.
  • On top of this layer, all Indian families can enjoy the core features of MyHeritage like photo-tagging, face recognition and the genealogy softwareFamily Tree Builder
  • If you are from India or an Indian living abroad, come join us at MyHeritage India and connect with your families right now.

    About MyHeritage.co.in

    MyHeritage.co.in is the Indian version of the popular genealogy, world community and family networking site MyHeritage, which is the world's leading online network for families, and the second largest family history website. Besides Hindi, MyHeritage is available in 33 other languages and home to more than 30 million family members and 300 million profiles.

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    1. very interesting story, Daksh. I have two Indian friends, they both work in London as IT specialists, they mentioned that they barely have time to speak to their families in India, and their parents really want to see some photos about their London life. I will definitely recommend MyH to them.

    2. Does anyone with the Worl name have indian blood?

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