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Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Today is an important day for all those that want to do something special for their loved ones.

All over the world people will celebrate Valentine's day, albeit in slightly different ways. In China people will gather to try to win kissing contests by trying to kiss for the longest, in America 188 million cards will be sent, in the Netherlands friends will get each other flowers and in Russia people will celebrate love twice, once today and once on the 8th of July, also known as lovers day.

As lovers across the world celebrate this day together, MyHeritage hopes that our users across the world can spend some time with their loved one's.

The MyHeritage Team wishes you a great Valentine's day!

Don't forget, got any love stories to tell? Let us know! And remember..only one day to go to make use of our Valentine's discount on all flowers in the UK shop.

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