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Discovering MyHeritage: Family Sites and Family Trees, an overview

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MyHeritage is a website made of millions of different Family Sites, a fact that makes it a 'Family of Families', a site where the main purpose is for members of a family to connect between themselves and even between families, to discover they have matching members or that they share the same heritage or history.

When you sign up on Myheritage.com we will automatically create a Family Site for you, which will contain the Family Tree you just started. You therefore become the Site Manager, which allows you to control the settings of the Family Site and Tree.

Family Sites are meant to help you organize the different groups you belong to and choose their themes and level of importance. For example, you are able to create your main Family Site which could be related to your immediate family, and then create another one related to your extended family, to your in-law's family or to a certain community you are part of.

You can create as many sites as you want. Look for the "My Sites" drop down menu in the top-right corner of every MyHeritage page you are on and choose the 'Manage my family sites' option, there you will find a button to create a new site.

We will be writing soon specifically on the features and options you have when creating a Family Site, so stay alert.

When you are part of more than one Family Site, you will be able to jump from one to the other to manage your groups and its generated content separately from each other for your benefit. You can do so also on the 'My Sites' drop down menu.

And finally it comes down to Family Trees. In each Family Site you can create different trees; again, depending on the focus of your interest or line of work, like developing a tree for a particular side of your family or for a certain history time line. We will come back with a blog post with more details on setting up the trees soon, so keep following our Discovering MyHeritage Series (Tip: sign up for our RSS feed!).

Trust the magic of social interaction, and invite people to become part of your family tree. They will help you write the history of your family. Giving them access to your tree means they can include more people and branches to your tree and upload photos, videos, audio files or set up events. That is how your Family Site could become a home online!

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  1. I am looking for info on Ivan Anderson father was Dave Anderson from Pictou County Nova Scotia Canada, sure would like to hear from someone. Thanks
  2. Dear Judy,

    Thanks for your comment. If you are looking for these family members it may be worth contacting other members who are researching that area through the community pages or leaving a post here http://www.myheritage.com/support-forum-16244_16706/myheritage-research?page=1 about who you are looking for,

    Hope that helps!

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