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An interview with the MyHeritage Carol Contest Winner

Put tooltip here Meet our winner, John Pardo Valencia from Colombia. He was selected by our panel as the winner of our Christmas carol competition and won a digital video camera.

MyHeritage: John how did you feel when you were announced as the winner of our Christmas carol competition?

John: I could not believe it! I felt like it came from the sky. I lost my last camera when I was travelling in India last year. I always wanted to buy another one and was saving towards that goal. Winning this competition has come at just the right time, the camera is brilliant. It is one of my best christmas presents!

MyHeritage: What have you been using it for?

John: I have been using it during christmas when I was with my friends, we took lots of photos and videos.

MyHeritage: How did you enjoy our christmas carol contest experience? Did you tell your family and friends that you would be online singing for them?

John: I really enjoyed it! I love christmas it is a very happy time of a year and why not sing for my family - although I am really quite shy (laughs). I thought - what am i going to sing? and a spanish song just came into my head. I told my mum and friends, they were laughing when they saw me singing.

MyHeritage: What is your favorite holiday? how do you celebrate it?
John: Christmas is a very important time for me. If I am back home my entire family will get together and celebrate. my mum and grandmother will cook or we will travel to see relatives.

MyHeritage: What is your most memorable christmas and why?

John: I remember when I was around 12, I got my first bike from my parents as a christmas present. It was supposed to be a total surprise.......but I found it in the house before christmas (laughs) I still remember how I felt when I saw it - because I wanted it for such a long time. And obviously, the camera I won is another special moment I would remember for a long time. (laughs)

MyHeritage: You are from Colombia, but you live in London, how often do you contact your family? Does the Internet help you keep in touch?

John: I call my mum on the phone once a week but I have convinced her to start using the internet, hopefully she will be using it soon. I plan to teach my family how to use the internet when I go home next time and probably encourage them to take computer classes. I will definitely be telling my family to use MyHeritage to share photos and videos as it will be such a good site my family to keep in touch.

MyHeritage: Thank you John for taking part in our competition, would you enter our future competitions or events?

John: Thank you so much! I was so surprised when I saw your email saying I was the winner. The camera is very useful... I will definitely participate in future MyHeritage campaigns!

Here at MyHeritage, congratulations again to our winner John, and thank you to everyone who participated and supported our event!

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