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Why Italians love our site

Italians on MyHeritage.it Hello everybody, this is Donato speaking from Italy. I'm the community manager here for one of the most beautiful countries of the world... well, I know, I'm biased, but that's what I think.

The history of our country depicts us as travellers, and it's well known how many Italian people have been moving around the world for generations. Soon after the Second World War a great number of Italians moved to other countries such as the USA and Australia, building communities there, but very often keeping the love for their native country.

Although Italians are sometimes ridiculed for the attachment to their close family, with men being referred to as 'mummy's boys', I would call them
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Thanks for your continued support for MyHeritage

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After all the blogposts and articles that you have written about MyHeritage over the last few months, we would just like to say, "Thank You." We were very happy to see that after the news of the new bonds between Kindo and MyHeritage, so many of you have continued to be interested in us and write about us.

And there was a lot of news: the teaming up of MyHeritage and DNA testing company FamilyTreeDNA to offer users the possibility to research their family history through DNA tests, the development of a new version of the Family Tree Builder, the popular research software of MyHeritage with new functionality, and the launch of file sharing on your family sites allowing users to upload and share video's, audio files and documents.

For those interested in reading more, here is a very small selection of the coverage of MyHeritage worldwide:
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User Story: MyHeritage helps Wanda build a 20,000 people family tree!

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Wanda E. has been conducting genealogical research online for so long that she can no longer recall when she first signed up to MyHeritage.

Wanda's interest in genealogy runs in her family, with her parents already trying their hand at researching the family's history, before they decided to pass on the information to her. Wanda says: 'My parents were giving up their home and downsizing so they gave me the bit of information they had put together. It looked interesting so I just started from there and have gone on.'

Now Wanda has got an amazing family tree. An enormous amount of research has gone into that. She says:
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MyHeritage Genealogy Search Engine – Significant Update Launched

Our latest addition this week makes the MyHeritage genealogy search engine much more powerful. We have expanded our database to create our most comprehensive genealogical search engine yet: With MyHeritage Research you can now search more than 12 billion names in 1,526 databases.

And you can still access it directly from within Family Tree Builder to fill in those gaps in your family tree!

This week we have expanded our database by more than 150 new sources. Here are some of the new databases:
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Happy Valentine!

Happy Valentine's Today is an important day for all those that want to do something special for their loved ones.

All over the world people will celebrate Valentine's day, albeit in slightly different ways. In China people will gather to try to win kissing contests by trying to kiss for the longest, in America 188 million cards will be sent, in the Netherlands friends will get each other flowers and in Russia people will celebrate love twice, once today and once on the 8th of July, also known as lovers day.

As lovers across the world celebrate this day together, MyHeritage hopes that our users across the world can spend some time with their loved one's.

The MyHeritage Team wishes you a great Valentine's day!
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Valentine’s Day in America

Vintage Valentine's Day CardValentine's Day is one of the most widely-celebrated days in America. Walk into a restaurant for dinner without making a reservation, and you'll realize just how popular it is. Valentine's Day cards are the most popular way in which Americans express affection to their sweethearts, so let's take a look at how Valentine's cards have changed over the years.

Giving cards has always been a popular way to celebrate Valentine's Day in America. Today, 188 million cards are exchanged every year - an amazing amount, considering that there are 300 million people living in the US. Early American cards could be simple love letters or very elaborate works of art that could include decorations such as flowers, berries, and sea shells. Some were designed to be hung on a cord or lace, so that they created a three dimensional picture. Today, cards run the gambit from traditional paper cards to elaborately decorated cards, e-cards, and romantic IOUs.
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Discovering MyHeritage: Family Sites and Family Trees, an overview

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MyHeritage is a website made of millions of different Family Sites, a fact that makes it a 'Family of Families', a site where the main purpose is for members of a family to connect between themselves and even between families, to discover they have matching members or that they share the same heritage or history.

When you sign up on Myheritage.com we will automatically create a Family Site for you, which will contain the Family Tree you just started. You therefore become the Site Manager, which allows you to control the settings of the Family Site and Tree.

Family Sites are meant to help you organize the different groups you belong to and choose their themes and level of importance. For example, you are able to create your main Family Site which could be related to your immediate family, and then create another one related to your extended family, to your in-law's family or to a certain community you are part of.

You can create as many sites as you want. Look for the "My Sites" drop down menu in the top-right corner of every MyHeritage page you are on and choose the 'Manage my family sites' option, there you will find a button to create a new site.
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Russian Valentine or the story of Duke Peter and Fevronia


Valentine's day is the holiday which originated many centuries ago in Catholic countries. However, nowadays the day is celebrated all over the world (except in Saudi Arabia where this holiday is officially prohibited and one can be punished for celebrating it by paying a penalty).

Russia is no exception when it comes to Valentine's day and so the holiday is widely observed there. It is relatively new holiday for Russians, which has only started to be celebrated in the 90s of the 20th century. But the traditions and gifts are not as much different from the ones of the other countries.

Though these days we celebrate Valentine's day, for many centuries the Russians had and still have a wonderful holiday of their own which they call Lover's Day, It is
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Celebrate Valentine’s Day in China

Chinese valentines picture Although Valentine's Day, or February the 14th, originated in the West, with globalization intensifying, younger Chinese have started to celebrate this special occasion too, conveying romance to their beloved ones on this day.

However, the way people celebrate it in China differs from how the day is honoured in Western countries: girls make a gift like needlework to give to their loved one during Valentine's day, then, one month later, it is the man's turn to give something to the girls. Heart-shaped soft toys and jewellery are the common presents for girls. Celebrations in Japan and Korea are very similar.

In big cities like Shanghai, some departmental stores are even organizing kissing contests where
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MyHeritage: Serving Indian Families all over the world

cc nereanz Ravi is from Hyderabad, India, and he is currently pursuing his Masters in Engineering in Atlanta, USA. Ravi's sister is working in Denmark. What it means is his entire family is spread across the globe and his parents are keen to connect with him and his sister.

So far, Ravi has been using the traditional phone and email to ensure that he can stay connected with his family. But the problem with this form of communication is that it is too static for his parents, and they don't get many updates about their kids on a regular basis. So what to do?
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