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We want your stories..

At MyHeritage we are always interested in hearing your stories. In fact, we have been running some of the stories we have heard about from you, our users, on our blog.

user story myheritage Previously, Paul, who has traced his family back an impressive seventeen generations, shared family anecdotes with us that he came across while researching his family history, while Liora told us how she brought 65 of the 132 family members she has on her MyHeritage site together at a family reunion.

So if you have discovered any distant family through MyHeritage, have rekindled a relationship through the site or have another nice, funny or intriguing story for us, email linde (at) myheritage (dot) com, because we would love to hear and write about it..!

Got any Valentine stories? With this special day coming up we'd love to hear them.

Besides, it is a nice way for you to share your experiences on MyHeritage with us and other users!

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  1. Valentine's Day will soon be here. What better way to get you into this February love spirit than by sharing some great Valentine' day stories with the rest of the world? I remember when I was in secondary school, teachers were used to let us write "poems" to improve letter writing skills..... and paint a Valentine's themed picture together.

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