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The MyHeritage Interview Series: Tech Blogger Steven Finch

Politicians, stay-at-home dads, academics or businesswomen...they all know the value of family and the joys of staying in touch with them. But what is on their family photo's? How often do they call their mother and what celebrity do they secretly admire? Get ready to find out through the MyHeritage interview series!

Steven Finch is founder and CEO of Crenk.com, a weblog founded in 2007, reviewing web and mobile applications on the web. Steven also spots and analyses interesting web trends so he is well placed to give us some insight into technology and families. And as an Australian abroad, he knows very well what it is like to be away from his family..

Steven Finch What is your favorite holiday and how does your family celebrate it?

My favourite holiday is christmas.. and we normally spend it relaxing and having a BBQ back home in Australia. Then after lunch we head to my aunties place where we spend the rest of the day relaxing on the canal, swimming and drinking.

How international is your family?

My family is fairly international. My mum was born in Australia but her family originally comes from Blackburn in the United Kingdom. My dad was born in the UK too, in Liverpool, and his family comes from there too.

Are you interested in genealogy and if so why?

I am interested in genealogy, mainly because I have no idea where my family really comes from.

How does your family use the internet and what do they use it for?

My family uses the internet mainly for checking emails and browsing the internet, but I use it a huge amount for work.

How do you think technology impacts the family?

Technology really impacts different types of families in a variety of ways. Technology can enrich and help family acquire a greater knowledge about a certain product or service. Technology is all about change and moving forward, and it can really help families get closer together and learn at the same time. I also think the younger generations are helping older generations understand technology, especially the internet, a lot more.

What MyHeritage feature do you like most?

I like finding out which celebrities I look like, even though most of the time I think I look nothing like them!

What famous person would you like to have in your family and why?

I would like a few famous Liverpool football players in my family. It would just be nice to have some legends around.

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  1. Hi Steve, thanks for being available for an interview.
    Best Mario
  2. Thanks steven for joining us. Web technology does change the way family communicate and online family community has a huge potential for future social network sites. Family life should be fun. That it is shows our Celebrity look alike which has been very popular. I have aLso been told many times by our Asians that they really like this feature.

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