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The MyHeritage Interview Series: Tech Blogger Steven Finch

Politicians, stay-at-home dads, academics or businesswomen...they all know the value of family and the joys of staying in touch with them. But what is on their family photo's? How often do they call their mother and what celebrity do they secretly admire? Get ready to find out through the MyHeritage interview series!

Steven Finch is founder and CEO of Crenk.com, a weblog founded in 2007, reviewing web and mobile applications on the web. Steven also spots and analyses interesting web trends so he is well placed to give us some insight into technology and families. And as an Australian abroad, he knows very well what it is like to be away from his family..

Steven Finch What is your favorite holiday and how does your family celebrate it?

My favourite holiday is christmas.. and we normally spend it relaxing and having a BBQ back home in Australia. Then after lunch we head to my aunties place where we spend the rest of the day relaxing on the canal, swimming and drinking.

How international is your family?

My family is fairly international. My mum was born in Australia but her family originally comes from Blackburn in the United Kingdom. My dad was born in the UK too, in Liverpool, and his family comes from there too.
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User Story: My Family’s Histories

This story was sent to us by Paul Cockrill, who has traced his ancestors back seventeen generations. With his research have come many interesting stories. He shares a few of them here.

Click to view photo in full sizeI started getting interested in my family history over 13 years ago when I received some old files that a relative (Jack Anderson) had started back in the 1930's. He created a Newsletter called 'The Clansman' which he would sell for 25 cents. It was like a family newspaper: he would gather information from relatives on births, deaths and who was doing what and then published it in a newsletter for the whole family to read.

Later on, a grand aunt started to compile the family tree of my mother's family, the family we refer to as the Paynter clan. I became so interested in their history that I asked my Uncle Peer Paynter if there were photos of my ancestors.

He sent many, even some of which date back to the 1860's and that really started my research of family history.

I had initially started compiling the family tree with PAF software and then progressed to Family Tree Maker and now Family Tree Builder. I have used many web sites researching my ancestors over the years,
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Family Tree Builder 3 released with new research, matching and publishing features

We've just released the new version of our popular genealogy software "Family Tree Builder" (it has been downloaded more than 4 Million times so far). It now includes amazing new features, like "Smart Match Merge": the merging from data between trees with Smart Matches. Or the automatic research of all the people in your tree.

And the publishing features are greatly extended: You can now also upload all your family videos and documents and publish them on your MyHeritage family site.
The newly released advanced features now require a Premium family site, but everything else in Family Tree Builder continues to be completely free.

Click to view photo in full size
Enhanced Publishing: Bring your family tree to life with photos, videos, audio files and your family research documents! (click to enlarge)

The expert users among you can read a more detailed account of what's new from Schelly on our genealogy blog.

This is the full text of the press release (you can also find it on PR Web):
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New Year celebrations across Asia

New Year in ChinaAlmost everyone around the world started the New Year, although not all countries celebrate at the same date or the same way, especially in Asia.

Until I came to the UK from Beijing, I always celebrated the New Year in late January or sometimes in February, depending on the day indicated by the Lunar Calendar. Chinese New Year is more like a Western Christmas, when you get together with your family and share a meal. Celebrations continue with fireworks, just like all around the world.
The biggest difference with other countries may be that on New Year's day, when most people are nursing hangovers, in China families visit relatives, exchange presents and continue the celebrations.

Despite some differences from country to country, in Asia there's a common theme that appears to be the most important thing, which is celebrating with family and friends.
Across Asia there are very similar ways of celebrating the New Year. In Japan for instance,
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