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Now you can share videos, audios and documents with your whole family

Click to view photo in full sizeWe're happy to let you know that we just introduced yet another new way of sharing memories with your family: video, audio and document sharing. Many of you are already sharing you family photos but now you can share lots of other stuff as well.

Do you have videos of your children? Digital copies of old love letters? Audio material of your grandparents? This brand new MyHeritage feature was introduced to let you share this material on your family site.

It allows you to:
- Add files to your family site's home page
- Personalise your material
- Share photos, video, documents and audio files

It's free and easily accessible from your family site, just where you are used to find the photos.

This is how it works:

Uploading all different files at once:
It's as easy as sharing your photos, but now you are able to share other files too! On your family site you will find under the photo option the 'add videos' option. You can also select the "Photos & Videos" tab.
video sharingMyHeritage allows you to quickly upload multiple files, which saves you time and energy. It's in a nice interface where you see all the folder from your computer and can easily tick the documents, videos, audios or photos you want your relatives to see. Make sure that you approve the file uploader the first time you use it though.

Store everything in the same place:
Pick the stuff you want to upload and specify whether you want the material to go into an existing album or in a new one. You will find all of them in the place wher you see the photos you have uploaded already. You can create an album for all your videos but at the same time keep a particular video also in a folder to a certain topic where different types of media can cover all aspects of an event like the presidential election for example.

That's how easy it is. Let's start sharing!

Click to view photo in full size
Store everything in one place: videos, audios, documents, photos

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Hi,

    I'm so happy this option is now for free.

    But I've tried to add videos but they just don't appear. Does the video have to be avi? or something else?

    Thank you.
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