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More from our Christmas contest – Do YOU want to win the camera?

jingle bells, christmas charts, win a video cameraSo far our Christmas carol contest is running and very promising. We are receiving more videos daily and some are really funny.

For those who aren't familiar with our contest, here is a quick catch-up: MyHeritage "Jingle along to your family song" contest offers you a great opportunity to sing your favorite Christmas song for your family, share your Christmas spirit with your loved ones, and you may win a digital video camera - all you need to do is upload your video here. See our full story click here

Here is our new short-listed one, have a look:

Have you uploaded yours? Christmas is all about your family and your loved ones, they are waiting for your christmas messages...

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Haha, awesome video. Really funny. That would get my vote...
  2. I don't want that background on my site and I would like it removed please. I know it was meant well, but I jehovah's witness and we don't believe in celebrating birthdays because Jesus do not leave the example for us to follow. Plus the date of his birth is all wrong anyway. Please romove before anyone sees it. Thx, Rose
  3. That's so cool! I really like Christmas, I will post a video with my special message soon my family and share it with everybody.
  4. Hi Rose:

    Further to your recent require of "family tree background", you can always switch back to the "Modern" (family chart) or our "classic" (ancestor tree) view by selecting the option on the bottom of the "family tree" page. Enjoy MyHeritage.

    Best regards,
  5. Hey, thanks for my 10 minutes of fame! It is an honor to get "showcased" on this blog. For those who might be curious, I live in Nashville Tennessee and have kicked aroung the songwriting business for several years. Maybe I should say it kicked me around.

    To those that might read this; Feel free to send a note, if you are inspired to do so .... I'd love to hear from you.
  6. my previous note ... as an afterthought, I should have said i am not a "professional songwriter" although I tried for years to get a break with my music. it's a tough business.
  7. Hi Jim,
    our pleasure! Thanks for posting your video, we thought it's really great.
  8. Very nice video ! Jim is a pro :)

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