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A real warm Christmas

Life is life everywhere but some things will never be the same. Take Christmas for example, millions of people are celebrating it throughout the world, but the sense of it will be different for practical reasons on either sides of the equator.

The most common imagery of Christmas, like the trees and the snow are unmistakably Northern Hemisphere ones. Mostly all these elements are also used to signify and celebrate Christmas in the Southern Hemisphere, but the feeling of it is completely different, putting the unequivocal religious significance aside.

christmas in the southern hemisphereFrom my personal experience, one can feel that in this part of the world (the north) the weather itself accounts for much of the idea of Christmas as a time for family reunion and for the believers, a time for reflection. The cold, the short days, the snow, among other things, inevitably make you look for the warmth of a home and to share the moment with your loved ones around hot food and drinks. See a nice description of these traditions in one of our previous posts. This situation matches the poetic force of the Christmas winter elements known worldwide.

In the Southern Hemisphere,

Christmas is still a time for family reunion and most of them might use a tree and decorate it as the symbol of those times, but the hot or warm weather of the summer makes it a more festive moment, a less intimate and cheerful one I may say. Families enjoy the warm weather and take it as a chance to celebrate the night of Christmas Eve outside their houses, under the starry sky. Fireworks may also illuminate the night as the children await the arrival of a wrapped-up and sweaty Santa Claus, on time after a long trip from the cold and snowy Northern hemisphere.

In any case, the form doesn't change the spirit of Christmas as a yearly opportunity for families to be together and celebrate around a nice tradition made of trees and snow. Moreover, that sight could be quite refreshing when you're wearing a T-shirt, shorts and Flip Flops.

Wrote by Nicolas, Community Manager for Latin America & Spain

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