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Happy Thanksgiving from the MyHeritage Team

Today is a special day for families across the United States as they say thank you for all the good things that have happened to them this year. Families share this moment over a meal, telling each other stories and sharing family memories.

myheritage thanksgiving greetingAmericans travel vast distances to be together on this day and so it is not surprising it it the busiest day for US airlines. If there is one day to get together with the family, it is today.

The story behind thanksgiving is simple; when the pilgrims, America's settlers from Europe arrived in new England they faced a very harsh winter. When spring arrived and they harvested their crops, they organised a feast to celebrate their harvest, their new country and to thank God for making it through the winter.

MyHeritage is thankful that it has the possibility to bring together families on its site and therefore wishes all families a happy thanksgiving!

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  1. Dear People,
    I didn't knew that this was a old feast from the pilgrims. it looks like a feast of the harvest. That's the most oldest feast of the world. And everyone who know to have a family wil appriciate it.The meaning of the family is to learn from each other, the jounger from the elder and the elder from young people. And families will in the next coming time, more congregate because the new President Barack OBama will let see a good working familie. You'll see and MyHeritage.com will be greater in succes. Because MyHeritage is a good genealogyprogram that brings families together. I wish you all a happy Christmas and prosperous 2009!
  2. Very interesting blog post! I did not know the origin of thanks-giving, I sent greeting to my ex-classmates and friends in America! Thanks MyHeritage for reminding us!
  3. Hi Maja, thanks for your wishes and glad you like MyHeritage.
    Merry Christmas to you as well.
    Hope to see you on our blog again soon!
    Best Mario

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