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And the winner is… Our advertising raffle at FOWA

save the children logoYou might have seen our lovely family tree of business cards at the Future Of Web Apps, a conference in London also called "FOWA". Now finally we have drawn the winner out of the 75 people, who put up their card on our tree during the event on Friday.

What we had put up for grabs? Free advertising on myheritage.com.
By now there are almost 27 million of you guys using the site, so that's quite a big audience for a free ad ;-)

So let us respectfully proceed to the announcement of the lucky one:

And the winner is...

James from developerFusion.

Click to view photo in full sizeAnd that was his reaction:

Thanks so much guys! I'll have to take a look around your site to see what family history I can dig up!

Now, the guys from developerFusion do have a heart for children. And they develop websites. But as most of our users on MyHeritage would probably prefer using a website rather than buying one, they donated the space to "save the children". We thought that was a great idea.

So as soon as this week you will see their nicely animated banners - that Josephine from their UK team has sent us - on some of our advertising spaces.

Congratulations to the winners and let's hope "save the children" will get lots of new supporters from the MyHeritage audience. If you support their cause as well, you should go here to find out how you can help.

By the way: If you are interested in advertising space on myheritage.com, please get in touch with Nicolas.

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  1. HOLA

    Me llamo Jean Pierre Serralta, vivo en Francia, al lado de Lyon
    En el marco de mis busquedas genealogicas estoy buscando personas de
    apellido SERRALTA originarios de las Islas Baleares o de la
    Provincia de Alicante.

    Mi abuelo paterno es originario de CONFRIDES , distrito de ALCOY,
    provincia de ALICANTE , ESPA
  2. i search SERRALTA . in first coming ( from ALICANTE SPAIN or MALLORCA) in AMERICA aroud 1500 ? second my father's oncle JOSEPH or JOSE arriving between 1800 // 1900 in America Norte , Central, Sur ?????

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