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The London team is rocking FOWA

Nan with the Wii Rock Star guitarWhile dropping by the Future of Web Apps (FOWA) conference in London on Thursday afternoon we stumbled upon Reshma from Seedcamp sitting at an empty booth in the middle of the fairground. For some reason they couldn't man the stall for the whole duration of the conference which sparked the idea of taking over it.

The event organizers from Carsonified were fine with it as well, so we started improvising and together with Bendik came up with the idea of building...

...a MyHeritage-FOWA family tree.

FOWA MyHeritage TreeBy Friday morning, Linde (our community manager for the Netherlands) had bought some flipcharts and cookies, Martin (SEO master and blogging star in Sweden) organized some print-outs and Nan (our community manager for China and Taiwan) had brought over the Wii rock guitar from the Adobe stand.

Our tree of business cards was working great and - as you can see in the picture - quickly grew from a small stump to a giant redwood ;-) Lot's of interesting folks on there, Mitch from MySpace, Mike from Techcrunch, Jemima from the Guardian, Paul from Segala, Stefan from Moo, Jof and Vinc from Intruders, Edwin from AOL, Oliver from .net mag, Simon from digital lifestyles, and many more...

So we've spent a nice day at a great conference with internet and web 2.0 crowd, taking congratulations for the Kindo acquisition and telling everybody about the lovely MyHeritage face recognition-based photo sharing.

Thanks to everybody for coming over, it was our pleasure to show you MyHeritage and be present with part of our amazing team.

Our FOWA seedcamp MyHeritage booth 2008

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