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Get to know our smart new photo features in this fun video

By now you have probably heard about the new photo management on MyHeritage with face recognition. It is the easiest way to organize your photo collection. It is built around what you care about most: people.

Let MyHeritage help you tag all relatives and friends on your photos in minutes and enjoy the new "face cloud" showing you the most important people in your life - or at least in your photo collection ;-) The next time you search for a photo of your best friend, or a photo showing both you and your sister, it's just one click away.

Enough talk, watch this and you will meet the team as well:

Say thanks to Jaiel for showing you around and to Steve for getting the video done.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. You should consider adding UNICODE support to Family Tree Builder. When I publish my family tree to myheritage.com, every name becomes Unrecognizable characters.
  2. The celebrity morph was shown to me by a friend, it's fantastic!!! I'll also spread it around. Will you give me permission to create a tutorial on how to save a morph in a cellphone and put in my blog.
  3. Hello
    I would like to thanke you a lott for your great jobb you have provide all those milions who needed your efforts .
    thank you again, and please if it`s posible to add the arabic language so many other milions can get use your program it will be great.
    sincerly greetings
  4. Tengo un dicho camina no dejes de caminar que alguien se puede fijar
  5. Camina no dejes de caminar que mañana alguien en tus huellas se a de fijar, lo que esta en cielo debemos anhelar lo que esta en la tierra debemos desechar.

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