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MyHeritage introduces a whole new way to work with photos (Part 3)

Viewing photos in the family tree
You can now also access your photos directly from your family tree! Just click on the person whose photos you want to see and click the 'View all photos' button on the left-hand side.

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Family tree on MyHeritage (click to enlarge)

You will see all the photos in which that person appears. To return to your family tree, simply press the 'Back to family tree' button in the upper right hand corner. You can also use the 'List' view in the left-hand panel to quickly change the people whose photos you want to see. Viewing photos right inside the family tree is convenient as you never lose track of where you are.

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SCREENSHOT: Photos in a family tree (click to enlarge)

Searching for photos
Searching through your photos has also been greatly improved. On the 'Find' screen you can search for photos by title, description, place, people, or keywords. Search results can be displayed in handy thumnbail or list modes. Highlighting will show you exactly where your search term was found. So if you search for 'Thomas' for example, you will discover all the photos that mention this name in their title, description, or have been tagged with a person having that name. You can search through your own photos or through all 30 million public photos on MyHeritage!

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SCREENSHOT: Photo search results (click to enlarge)

Viewing a single photo
Viewing a photo by itself also displays comments that have been made on that photo. Comments are typically added by members of your family website and are a great way to interact with your friends and family. It is always interesting to see what people will say about your favorite snapshot.

Click to view photo in full size
SCREENSHOT: Photo with comments (click to enlarge)

The single photo page also contains other details that relate to your photo. This includes technical info (if available from the digital camera), the albums that the photo belongs to, and the people who are tagged in it. If a reverse side of the photo exists it is shown here too, side by side with the photo. MyHeritage is the world's only photo sharing website that understands that many family photos have interesting inscriptions which may be on the back of the photo. Being able to preserve and display them is essential.

Click to view photo in full size
SCREENSHOT: Photo with an interesting reverse side (click to enlarge)

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  1. This is an awesome feature.Can't wait to try it!

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