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MyHeritage introduces a whole new way to work with photos (Part 2)

Face Cloud
Face Cloud is a fun application, innovated by MyHeritage, that provides a fascinating new way to view the people most important in your life. Once you have tagged photos you can start enjoying the Face Cloud, which is available on every family website. It takes all your tagged photos and shows you the faces of the people who appear in them. The more prevalent a person is in your photos, the larger the face. By hovering over a face in the cloud you will see how many photos that person appears in.

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SCREENSHOT: Face Cloud (click to enlarge)

Face Cloud, however, has much more to offer than just showing you faces. You can use it to find photos of specific people and where they appear with others. Click on a person in Face Cloud and that person will be placed in the search bar below. Select several faces and click the magnifying glass button to see all photos where those people appear together. This is a wonderful way to find specific photos with the exact people you are looking for.

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SCREENSHOT: Face Cloud results (click to enlarge)

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. The Face Cloud is indeed an amazing feature - will definitely start tagging photos to be able to use this tool. Great job guys!
  2. I'm very impressed!

    This is a great program.


  3. Have been really enjoying the program but now I come to try the new photo tagging etc and cannot access my files at all. My heritage starts to open up and then drops out. ?????? L. Guessing its just a glitsch as the rest of the programme has worked so well. L

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