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New look for MyHeritage!

We have great news to share with you!
We've considerably improved the design and navigation of the MyHeritage website; making it easier for you to find your way around. Consistency of navigation has also been improved. Our beta users loved the improvements. By the way, if you wish to join our beta group and help us perfect the site, drop us an email to: beta at myheritage dot com.

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SCREENSHOT: New navigation (click image to enlarge)

We've also added some exciting new features for those of you using our family Websites: the 'What's new' section, the 'Inbox' and an improved search. Now, as long as you're logged on, visiting the homepage of MyHeritage will immediately take you to the home page of your family website, saving you time.

Here are some of the main features recently added:

'What's new' section
The 'What's new' section in the home page of your family site shows the latest activity within your site. So you'll quickly be informed when new people are added to the family tree, new photos are uploaded to the site, new members join your family site and more. Here's an example:

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SCREENSHOT: Family newsfeed showing what's new (click image to enlarge)

If you hover the mouse over a name of any person mentioned in the What's new section, you'll see a quick callout window with more detail about this person:

Person Detail

MyHeritage now also features an Inbox – a new, personal messaging system that allows you to easily communicate with other MyHeritage members and to get updates from MyHeritage, such as Smart Matches(tm). To use it, click the 'My Inbox' link in the top right corner of any page.

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SCREENSHOT: The new Inbox (click image to enlarge)

Due to popular demand we have positioned the Search box in a more prominent location that is accessible in all pages of the site.

Safari Browser supported!
Great news for Mac users! MyHeritage now supports the Safari Browser (version 3 and above). This improves our compatibility with the Mac as previously we only supported the Firefox browser for the Mac. More love for Mac users on MyHeritage coming soon.

Stay tuned!
We're currently working on many other great features and enhancements that will be released very soon.

We'd love to hear what you have to say about our new look and features, please help us out by filling out a short survey.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. To continue your efforts.i see that it good change in your chinese website. forever support you.
    Sincere mimiwon

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