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The Wonders of the Immersive Family Tree

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PHOTO: The Immersive Family Tree on MyHeritage (click to view in full size)

MyHeritage.com now features online entry of family trees, without the need to download any software. This allows you and your family members to collaborate online on creating and extending your family tree. At the core of this collaboration is the Immersive Family Tree.

We created the Immersive Family Tree around visual data entry, the same innovation we've made in the Family Tree Builder software a few years ago that was extremely well received by the users. The tree shows descendents at the bottom and ancestors at the top and provides boxes for adding parents and children where they are missing. Adding a new person to the tree in the right location can be done in a few clicks. Clicking a person navigates in the tree smoothly so you never lose orientation of where you are.

We designed the tree in slick 3D, but there is a slider on the right that can change the perspective to 2D or anywhere in between 3D and 2D, so every user can pick their favorite perspective.

Click to view photo in full size
PHOTO: Immersive Tree in 2D with data entry (click to view in full size)

The Immersive Tree has a person list on the left which is quite an engineering feat. You can start typing any person in your family tree and quickly find them. It can scale to thousands of names and is still very fast. This is the best way to locate a person in your family tree, useful if the tree grows large.

The person list

Click any person to get more info:

More info

There are more actions at your disposal in this panel, which are handy if you need to edit information, add more spouses, add siblings, and more.

Click any photo to see it in larger size, along with face tags, courtesy of our face detection and face recognition technologies:

Face tags

The Immersive Family Tree supports many languages. It is even possible to build a family tree in multiple languages so that your family members from different nationalities could view the tree in the language most appropriate for them. For example, the same tree from the previous examples is shown below, but not only is the user interface language changed, but also the names are now in Hebrew... No other Website can do that.

Click to view photo in full size
PHOTO: Same tree in Hebrew (click to view in full size)

In the above picture the user has also changed the "skin", out of several different user interfaces supported by the Immersive Family Tree.

What's next? Many new features are coming up on a daily basis. Meanwhile, please use our support message boards to send us your suggestions and requests!

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