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Family Tree Builder 2.0 released!

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Family Tree Builder 2.0

Version 2.0 of Family Tree Builder has been released this week!

This is a major update of our popular free genealogy program. Perfect for creating a family tree, adding photos and optionally publishing to the Web for sharing with family members.
If you don't already have it, you should. Download it here, it's 100% free.

What's new?
Version 2.0 adds Smart Matching™ technology - which intelligently connects individuals from different family trees. This technology can extend your family tree and show you how it connects to other users' family trees - allowing you to grow your family tree with additional ancestors and family members, reunite with long lost family relatives and improve your genealogy research. This is thanks to the power of collaboration between users, assisted with the right technology to make it happen.

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Smart Matches in Family Tree Builder 2.0

Smart Matching™ technology was pioneered by Pearl Street Software, a leading genealogy company that MyHeritage has recently merged with. One of the many fruits of this merger has been the addition of Smart Matching™ technology to all MyHeritage products, including Family Tree Builder, and significant improvements of Smart Matching™ added by MyHeritage to a level available no where else on the Internet.

How does Smart Matching™ work? After installing Family Tree Builder 2.0, which is free as always, any time you add or edit a person in your family tree, Family Tree Builder will connect this individual or any of its relatives to approx. 180 million people in other family trees published by other users to MyHeritage. This will happen in real-time without slowing you down. If there is a match you will be notified on-screen and will be able to see your tree and the matching tree side-by-side to spot the similarities and differences. Family Tree Builder 2.0 provides tools to put you in touch with the submitter of any matching family tree and allow both of you to learn from each other. To get the best results, publish your entire family tree from Family Tree Builder to MyHeritage.com, and then in about 10 minutes all the individuals in your tree will be compared to all other family trees on MyHeritage, providing you the best possible Smart Matches™.

More new features
Family Tree Builder 2.0 adds other important improvements. There is a new friendly photo import feature that can scan your disk for photos, or even look in your Outlook or Outlook Express for photo attachments. Photos found can be added by you into your family tree in a few clicks. There is a wider selection of charts and reports, including a new Close Family Chart that includes all descendents of your ancestors. We've also added an extensive User's Guide in case you want to learn about the product features in detail (and have the patience to dive into a 250-page manual :-) .

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Powerful photo management in Family Tree Builder 2.0 (click to enlarge)

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Unique face detection technology in Family Tree Builder 2.0 (click to enlarge)

If you have already installed Family Tree Builder previously, you can upgrade to the new version by selecting 'Check for Updates' in its Tools menu. Family Tree Builder 2.0 is, as always, completely free.

You are welcome to send us your feedback, suggestions, bug reports and wish lists.

This is an exciting upgrade for us and I hope you will love it.


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  1. The new Family tree builder is great! Keep being innovative! Techniques like smart matching are (finally) a great way to match with overlapping family trees.
  2. I find Family Tree Builder to be the best family tree software out there on the net, and the integration with the web capability is an added bonus. I'd use it exclusively if it would support other languages, especially Arabic. Arabic names in latin characters don't match very well when searching. It would also enable me to collaborate with other family members across he world.
  3. When my father Hendrik van der Veen, was about ten months of age, his father died, and when he had reached the age of about three years, his mother died as well. This was around 1910. And after that he was placed 'as a poor orphan' with foster-parents that looked after him for quite a number of years. I could not find out a way to mention as well his biological- as his foster-parents in myherritage family tree builder in a way that makes this situation perfectly clear. Please could anyone give me a good advice ?
  4. no entiendo el ingles hay alguna forma de leerlo en espa
  5. ......i am recently visited my site and every member have >private> sign, Can not deleted I dont know what to do. thanks Vera
  6. I have downloaded the Family Tree Builder... I love it... but I am wondering, how would I go about getting my family tree from the website to the application? Any suggestions?
    Love the Great work ya'll are doing! I can't believe I haven't found this sooner!

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