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The child I once was came to visit me once

I found a work of video art on the Internet, so moving that it brought a tear to my eye.
It is the work of Alon Chitayat, a talented video artist from Israel.
It is within the realm of nostalgia, the sister of genealogy, so I think it's a perfect fit for the MyHeritage blog.

Like Alon, I also have a mystery box at home packed with treasured souvenirs from my childhood. And from time to time, I look through them, and remember what I once was and all that I could have been.

Click below to play the movie.

Be sure to turn on the speakers to enjoy the unforgettable music by Dori Adar.
It's in Hebrew but there isn't much to not understand. Movers clear out an apartment, but do not touch a box that the owner said he'll pick up on his own. As the memories and childhood objects unfold, the scrabble letters spell out "The child that I once was, came to visit me once".
The rest is universal, I think.

I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

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  1. Wow, thanks for bringing it to here, it is charming and exciting. Although I'm a bit younger than you, I also feel nostalgic waves many times. One of my secrets - which will become now a non-secret... - is to "use" my little boy as an excuse for watching movies and reading texts from my childhood. This way, I re-watch, for example, Kishkashta, and at once feel 25 years younger...
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