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Purim 2007

Purim is a great Jewish holiday, so good in fact that when someone's having too much fun, or a lucky streak, and you just have to cool them down, use the Hebrew expression "Not every day is Purim". Hint hint, tomorrow you're going down, pal.

So, what's the essence of this holiday: I'll spare you the historical background. These days, we celebrate Purim by dressing up - a masquerade - similar to Halloween, but without the trick-or-treat-junk-chocolate-bar-collect activities. But there certainly are special holiday foods to be devoured and the atmosphere is as joyous as can be. One of my favorite pastimes in the past few years has been to visit the Bnei Atarot school, right next to MyHeritage, on the morning of Purim, every year, with a video camera. It's great fun and I also feel as if I'm on an important anthropological quest: to document the generation. For you can tell a lot about the generation from the dresses and costumes that kids dress up each year. When I was a kid, not that many decades ago, but still in prehistory as far as Internet Time is concerned, those were naive times indeed. It was quite simple then, boys were cowboys, Indians or Popeyes, and girls were princesses or Queen Esthers. But it all went downhill in recent years. Mutant Ninja Turtles, industrial costumes from China, punks, hippies and drop-outs. But occasionally you can spot a unique, home-made, totally original costume that makes it all worthwhile. Years from now as I grow older I will prepare a 50-year research on this topic. But for now, enjoy the pictures below from our own celebration of Purim at MyHeritage, yesterday.

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PHOTO: Purim 2007 at MyHeritage - click to enlarge.
Guy "Venetian Phantom" and Jaiel "Pippi Longstocking"

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PHOTO: Purim 2007 at MyHeritage - click to enlarge.
Guy and Jaiel again, with Nir "Taekwondo (Take & Undo) Master",
Shmulik "Ross Parrot", myself ("how did I get that small hat over my horns?") and Ran "Don Corleone"

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