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MyHeritage expands

Our office is located in a picturesque Templar estate, over 100 years old, in the village of Bnei Atarot in Israel. Peaceful and green, yet only a ten minute drive from Israel's international airport, and conveniently located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. A great working environment for a genealogy company, or any company for that matter. Until now, we've been working in rather cozy (read: overpacked) conditions in this lovely place (click any photo to enlarge):

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Inside, it looks like this:

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I chose a vintage travel theme for the office, ordered 20 unique posters from Art.com and had them professionally framed in Israel. To compensate the employees for putting up with an occasionally overzealous ceo, I added the best ergonomic chairs and monitors, and my favorites - plants and flowers.

And now, just a couple of weeks ago, we've opened a second office on the same estate, in order to expand and recruit more people. Here's a view of the new office (click to enlarge):

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and from the inside:

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There's plenty of room for growth:

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... and we're hiring. If you're an excellent Web developer, or you simply rock at what you do, we'd be glad to have you on the team - drop us an email to jobs -at- myheritage.com.

PS: credit for these photos goes to Guy, our very own photography / flash / web / blog / kangol / robotics expert.

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  1. Beautiful photos! Good luck to all of you..
  2. Awesome idea, Great site, excellent innovation, beautiful office...
    In all, its the perfect chemistry to create a rocking website, All the best with your start up.
  3. Really a beautiful place (I still remember my visit in your lovely office)! No wonder the products are so beautifully designed. The innovative features of yours, along with the historical place sure makes the products really special...
  4. Very nice house...
    You are ready for doing really good job!!
    Good luck!
  5. Good site! I'll stay reading! Keep improving!
  6. i wish desperately to contact any and all remaining relatives who migrated from poland around 1898. please help me along thanks barbara fern duvall original names paprocki (polish) fern (american version)
  7. Good site! I'll stay reading! Keep improving!

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